NKE AUSTRIA bearings

NKE Austria GmbH is a bearing manufacturer headquartered in Steyr, Austria. Founded in 1996 by a group of senior staff members of former company Steyr Wälzlager, NKE produces standard and special bearings for all industrial applications. 

Toptul - Professional hand tool

TOPTUL products are characterized by superior quality because the production is based on knowledge, ability and strict quality control and all international requirements, prescribed by ANSI and DIN standards, are achieved and exceeded up to double values.

Fersa - Proizvođač ležajeva

A&S Fersa is a world leader in manufacturing tapered roller bearings, cylindrical roller bearings,  ball bearings and needle bearings for industrial, commercial and passenger vehicles. 

ORION - Aparati za zavarivanje

ORION welding equipment is designed in Italy and manufactured in China. ORION welding machines characterized by reliability and extremely long life. Consumables and spare parts are available to users at any time.

ORION kompresori

ORION Compresorri compressors are divided into two groups: for light duties are intended compressors with direct drive, and for a harder working conditions are intended compressors powered by a belt or a head with V and W shape.

RKB Ležajevi

The RKB Bearing Industries Group is the Swiss manufacturing organization operating in the bearing industry for over 70 years, with an area of 90.000 sqm, 135 million euros of tangible assets, and a monthly production capacity exceeding 350 tons of machined steel.

Headquarter Indjija

Cara Dusana 17, 22320 Indjija
Phone: +381(0)22 551 616   
Fax: +381(0)22 551 292


Branch office Belgrade

Karadjordjeva broj 61, 11000 Belgrade
Phone: +381(0)11 263 0266
Mob: +381(0)63 659 800